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Date: 2017-11-15 18:46

You don 8767 t see rappers bragging about our dicks or phallic imagery in African art. However, in Europe its hard to go a day without seeing a penis in art or real life. The ancient Romans and Greeks also had phallic imagery everywhere.

The Phenomenon Of White Women Who Only Date Black Men

Hi Sebastian 🙂
Thank you very much for your well written and enlightening post. As an Asian girl (from Indonesia), I am so flattered just by reading your writings (Man, you surely know how to put a smile on a lady 8767 s face).
Keep up the good work pal 🙂

Are White Women Intoxicated by Black Men? « The Thinking

I 8767 m not a racist and I don 8767 t like any discrimination of any kind, but
if they are going to ignore the white students and not treat them fairly,
then the white students should show up in KKK robes and hoods
I doubt that will get their attention.

Why do some white girls like black guys? - Updated 2018

According to white women, black men are more insistent and masculine. As compared to white men, they are more aggressive and have masculine sex appeal that attracts women.

😀 awesome comment. Maybe you are lucky and this comment helps you to find the man of your dreams. Don 8767 t forget to invite me to the wedding!

You are clearly americanised anyway so this article isn 8767 t really about women like you.
About asian men is just a fact that they are in average less attractive for women, just look at Tinder statistics.

My wife (who 8767 s very attractive) who doesn 8767 t find black men physically attractive has told me some stories..she 8767 s told me how black guys have a hard time dealing with being rejected by white women. She 8767 s told me they get really angry and that she 8767 s been called racist just because she rejected them.

I think you may be right. In Texas they used to use the BEST Test to screen unemployed for cognitive skills. The percentages were presented like they were across the board percentages. In reality they were racially stratified. The Asians, who are generally the brightest ended up being the most penalized, then the whites. The test was later litigated away. People are not equal in skills or abilities. That is a fact that cannot be covered over by preferences. The average IQ of physicists are about 675, this is a phenomenal IQ if that quote is true? Either you have it or you don 8767 t as the type of thinking involved in it is such that only a few people can make it. If you cannot think in that realm, rewarding you with a position for the sake of equality is insane.

Boycott university indoctrination into the progressive death cult , and the debilitating student loan racket, and invest your money into a paycheck-guaranteeing technical skill that won 8767 t let you down when it comes to competing in the sjw job market with low skilled affirmative action candidates, Muslim immigrants, and illegals.

Nice method of teaching your students. I 8767 m sure some of your students will share this information to others, like Firemen who will most likely leave teaching assistants last to come out of a burning building.

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