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After almost a year of attempting to regain custody of their daughter, Lou Pelletier decided to break the court order, and in February 7569 went to the public with his story. He had brought his daughter to Boston Children’s hospital for a stomachache and cramps, but the hospital then refused to release her back to her parents, asserting that the parents refused to accept their diagnosis of mental illness, not a physical ailment.

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8775 Not one licensing board was in any way interested in the underlying issue of the case: the protection of children in a wildly rogue, fraudulent and biased court, 8776 Jones-Soderman said, adding that the Attorney General 8767 s office has been harassing her and her clients using tax-payer money ever since. 8775 Patients visited by the attorney general 8767 s office have continued as my patients and have testified on my behalf only to be themselves ridiculed and threatened in court. 8776

If you or somebody you know has been harmed by Judge McVeigh and her rulings, please visit for more information.

And so it is with the family courts. Although they co-exist in a land where federal constitutional rights abound, and where such rights are legally controlling, these courts routinely ignore them. The federal “inalienable” right to parent one’s child is barely ever mentioned or entertained.

The officers 8767 statements, along with the sworn certification by Stenukinis and an internal affairs summary of complaints against Glinsky, can be found on .

It can be such a big problem sometimes to find someone who is really interested in who you are and not in the 8775 English teaching machine 8776 or the cool, exotic 8775 accessory 8776 that will make other Japanese people envious.

The court has failed to follow the recommendations of the forensic psychologist to treat what it found to be “Pathological Parental Alienation”, including the treatment plan and holding the alienating parent accountable. Rather than admit this grave error, the court has found it easier to blame me for the consequences of failing to follow the evaluation recommendations.

We live in NJ and my husband worked in PA. His unemployment has run out in PA, can he open a claim or receive money from a previous opened claim in NJ?

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