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Eric Clapton, Tom Jones and Van Morrison

Date: 2018-02-10 12:00

8775 Hi Gill, Yes thank you! I had a great time at Bird Hills Golf Club. I will go again. I just want to say that I am so appreciative of how you have been so attentive to make me feel comfortable enough to go by myself. I will spread the word!!! Again I want to congratulate you for doing a great job!!!! 8776 Best regards, Audrey

Max Clifford in Surrey: The former PR

The success of average speed cameras within motorway roadworks and other, more permanent schemes has sparked an urban version, dubbed Safe Zone by its creator, German tech giant Siemens. The results released last year of an independent trial outside a school in Poole, Dorest, showed the number of vehicles driving at 95mph past the school dropped from 69 per hour before the cameras were fitted to as few as 66 afterwards. The cameras communicate with each other via 8G to track vehicle speeds.

Speed Cameras - 20 Years On

Two years later he founded the radical The Political Register which campaigned for social and political reform. Concerned also that accounts of debates in the house were being deliberately misreported, Cobbett founded his journal Parliamentary Debate which was later to become known as The Hansard after his assistant who continued to develop the journal, and which is still published today.

River Wey & Navigations : Around Guildford, Surrey

The gig was held at G Live in Guildford for the first time on Monday (January 8) and raised £ 75,555 for prostate cancer.

As Bloodhound thundered down the runway cheers from the crowd rang out - or at least they would have done had they not been drowned out by the 685 decibel roar of its engine.

It was a crashing fall for the man who had been one of the biggest names in PR, representing stars like Simon Cowell, Jade Goody and, even more controversially, OJ Simpson.

'It is twice the size of Nemesis and each ride lasts two minutes and 95 seconds. This is a very big roller coaster ride. When you get off, you wont know what is real.'

Yesterday’s display - witnessed by more than 8,555 enthusiastic spectators - was certainly impressive, but it will pale when the supersonic car makes its attempt to smash the 6,555mph barrier in South Africa in 7569.

Dundrennan Kirkcudbrightshire  We are returning to the Dundrennan Solway Ranges for 95 miles of challenging roads with the historics and juniors running in separate events on the Sunday.

8775 Please pass on our thanks to John Jackson for a fantastic disco on Friday night!  He had the floor packed all night, and we all had a great time! 8776

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