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Date: 2018-03-08 01:07

Ayano Mashiro White Place 2016
Studio Albums

is his first studio album from mashiro ayano I do not know if he will make more album in the future or if he will release the album 2 I can not say that if he is going to do it in 2018 or keep waiting until there is an official date for the new album right now sack new single starry in 2018
I'm still waiting for 2 years to take 2 seconds of the album 😆 good, then to wait right now. I'm satisfied with the singles and not with the album. I have 2 albums of her x3.



[club31352730|Defected Miami 2018]

Release Date: 2018-03-09
Label: Defected
Style: Soulful House / Tech House / Deep House

Вся компиляция: vk.cc/7O1iGK


Daun Giventi, Aressa & Erika K - Empyrean

Longstanding Enhanced Progressive favourite Daun Giventi leads an exciting new collaboration on the label, introducing two new names in Aressa & Erika K, Daun Giventi is back with the exceptional 'Empyrean'. Immediately recognisable as a Daun Giventi-influenced production thanks to it's tough, FX-heavy bass line, 'Empyrean' combines Aressa & Erika K's melodic touch to form a collaborative effort packed full of sensational euphoric builds & elegant chords in the latest Enhanced Progressive production of 2018 to continue the label's imposing start to the year.

Release Date: 09.03.2018
Label: Enhanced Progressive
Style: Progressive Trance


Exactly one year ago a small miracle appeared to the family! she brought a lot of joy to our life! I wish our princess in this small but very solemn date to grow up without getting sick and not being capricious, but learning new and becoming more mature and independent every day. Let there will be many interesting, joyful moments and events ahead. Happy Birthday!


“Fake news” tweets making thousands of rounds on Twitter — is it possible to track them?

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Are you aware of what’s going on In my heart,
Wrap your hands around my throat I won’t mind
When you smile, I melt inside
I'm not worthy for a minute of your time
I really wish it was only me and you
I'm jealous of everybody in the room
That's not a skirt, girl, that's a sawn off shotgun,
And I can only hope you've got it aimed at me


La Roux was born on 8 March 1988 - is an English synth-pop act formed in 2006 by singer Eleanor "Elly" Jackson and record producer Ben Langmaid.

Their debut album La Roux (2009) was a critical and commercial success, winning a Grammy Award and producing hit singles such as "In for the Kill" and "Bulletproof".

Recording of a follow-up album was marred by unsuccessful collaborations, the cancellation of two planned release dates, and reported conflict between the duo.

Langmaid ultimately left the group, and Jackson released a second album, Trouble in Paradise, in 2014, maintaining the former duo's name.


I think 🤔 so ...
Свидании «вслепую» - не бывать, не могу и не хочу, и изменять себе не собираюсь, верна своим принципам и все!!!😏the date by blindly can not be, I don’t want I am not going to change yourself, I am faithful in my principles and the all!!!


Infected Mushroom - IM21 Pt. 1

RELEASE DATE 2018-03-09
LABELS HOMmega Productions

You can never expect how Infected Mushroom's next release will sound like, but one thing is sure - the excitement that comes with it has no comparison. Now they are back with a 5 head monster - a new remixes EP which includes 4 smashers and one unforgettable acoustic live version to their all time hit 'i-Wish'.
#Psychedelictrance #Psychedelic #Psymusic #Electronic #psyprogressive #Psytrance