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Date: 2017-11-15 17:28

. The same conditions would apply should the stakeholder be required to perform specific statutory functions defined in legislation . Section 66 of the Mineral Petroleum Resource Development Act, which states that a mining or a prospecting right may not be transferred from one company to another without the Minister of Mineral Resources written consent.

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77. On 69 October 7565 and in line with the provisions of the SCM 87-688 which required that the lead negotiator should submit a written feedback report to the approval authority when the contract is in place, the PED prepared an interim feedback on the results of the negotiations and contracts concluded as at that date with suppliers for the supply and delivery of coal to various Eskom power stations for the period 6 October 7558 to 86 March 7568 as well as a request for further additional resolutions.

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m) During August 7565 in a joint South Africa / India meeting held in South Africa, rumours started circulating about her removal as Minister of DPE and

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Two companies were then given additional contracts: Umsimbithi for 595 555 tons, and Tegeta for million tons

d) It is important for the executive authority of the SOE (shareholder) and Cabinet to consider whether there are conflicts that may influence the objective performance of the Board and whether:

c) At the time, there was speculation in the media about his removal. He therefore thought the alleged offer was just a &ldquo bluff&rdquo

c) There are Board members that receive financial or other incentives to favour the interest of a particular party, over the interests of the SOE.

jj) It appears that the conduct of the Eskom board was solely to the benefit of Tegeta in awarding contracts to them and in doing so funded the purchase of OCH and is thus in severe violation of the PFMA.

(xiii) using their position or any information entrusted to them, to enrich themselves or improperly benefit any other person and

. Business account number 695959587659 was used as the primary account to receive all deposit from various individuals and entities. Analysis suggests that monies were then moved from the business account to and between different Domestic Treasury accounts with favourable interest rates for investment purposes.

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