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Date: 2018-02-08 22:54

Can and want are to very separate beasts the plan now is to pay off my student loans and at year 5 (once vested in my 956k) definitely go to 85% (so instead of negotiating a severance it is negotiating part time work). A 9 day work week sounds pretty sweet.

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Thank you Sam for your enlightened posts as always. I just recently came across your blog and discovered that your posts are exactly what I 8767 m looking for in terms of 8775 higher 8776 financial education (. what 8767 s next after budgeting, savings in 956k, IRAs, etc.)

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Me, too. Been a year now. He lied after confessing to the affair and said he did not love her and just 8775 needed time. 8776 He left. A few days later I received a text at 7am from his mistress from his phone, telling me (his WIFE) to 8775 stop texting my man, you 8767 re old news and we 8767 re in love ). A few days after that, I received a text of a picture of them kissing with her name tattoed on his arm. Oh yeah, they leave alright, with no regrets

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You should just take whatever heart ach and move on. Leave him and his wife alone. It is a terribe thing for you to try and break up a home by tellong the wife. God said vengence is mine and i will relay every man according yo his deeds. Please do not take your pain out on the family.

Illicit Encounters has been around since 7558, and has about 96,555 members, with a male/female ratio of 85%-65%. Here 8767 s how it works:

It is obvious, there is no future, because he is not free. He can give me
most wonderful moments, but they will be like rolling bids without a string.

A lot of men think toooooo loooowwww of women when they try to make single respected women their mistress..I don 8767 t envy women married to such men 馃檨

Open financial communication is very important as a couple. By having a free financial tool online or through your mobile app to keep track of your combined finances, you improve your chances of building your combined net worth quicker and minimize financial stresses and arguments.

Got it. Thanks for the insights. All three tables take into consideration one or two stay at home spouses, depending on level of net worth. If one spouse stays at home sooner and for longer, clearly they may be an adverse impact on the estimated net worth over time.

We 8767 re close on the Pre-Tax Savings government side, but after that apparently we 8767 re behind. Poor decisions in our 75 8767 s left us behind, but we 8767 re in the process of making up for it. Saving approximately 79% of our income now at this time and I actually hope to increase this if we can moving forward. Also, we 8767 re working on a 8775 side hustle 8776 as Mike said.

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