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Dating Pipeline

Date: 2018-02-13 12:00

What would you recommend as your 8775 home city 8776 for your profile when travelling. The true one, the one you are going to or a more glamorous one like Paris?

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And if you aren 8767 t as lucky with others, it 8767 s best to drag the deals into Lost so that you could focus on the deals that can work out well.

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My problem I get chased out by family, friends or boyfriends of the girls I bang within 7 weeks of my arrival and have really never been able to stay put in one place because ive created so much chaos. I 8767 ve encountered Girls fighting each other over me, stalkers, false accusations to the police. The list goes on. So I 8767 m forced to escape under the cover of darkness never to return. I 8767 ve even considered drugging a girl to escape.

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So the chicks youre getting ain 8767 t the hottest but you 8767 re getting to sample the local fruit and have a local experience. Albeit with a girl who 8767 s prolly had more loads pumped into her than a MayTag washer.
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Also not one of my numbers is embellished. I understand how you might think that because you obviously don 8767 t know me in person, but many people have met and traveled with me and every one can vouch that I don 8767 t lie about those things. In fact probably my last 655 girls, more or less, I have some type of proof or something to remember them by. (digital memories).

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How does a normal girl with a job/career decide to pick up a foreigner from the airport and be his local guide for a week?

Dude..in third world countries female population out number males sometimes 7 to available girls you see over there are 8 and over

I speak flawless Spanish and know some of these girls would be ashamed to breath the same air as a sex crazed gringo. And refuse to even learn English because they 8767 re disgusted by you, regardless of your suit game or looks.

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