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Date: 2018-03-06 14:13

Super sorry but I forgot to mention that we have known and gone to the same school since preschool so 65 years 🙂 and lol I think he liked me in preschool too 🙂 and he always smiles at me 😉 but I 8767 m super sad cause we are going to different high schools next year 🙁 and I had his number but we both got new phones and I 8767 ve been kinda to shy to ask for it again but when we did have each others numbers, he got a concusion so he wasn 8767 t at school so I texted him 8776 where were you today 8776 and then he told me about his concusion so I repiled 8776 aww now I feel bad for you : ( 8776 and he wrote 8776 naww don 8767 t feel bad for me 8776 is that a good sign or what?? Sorry I 8767 m bugging you about this so much :/ please reply though 🙂

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We can get caught up in it, thinking about and reacting to the happenings streaming through our smartphone into our head.  With the social aspect of social media, we might even find it very heard not to feed into the constant drama of it.

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I stand by everything I said in the first section of this article, but if your mind is on fire and you just need an emergency method to catch your breath, take this approach:

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I won 8767 t get into all the details but I 8767 m in a very very similar situation and was glad to read your post. How is it going?

I 8767 m so thankful that I found this, and thank you for setting the story straight! I 8767 ve been obsessing these past two days. As expected, it 8767 s gotten me nowhere except the bottom of a tissue box, which is ridiculous! It 8767 s so silly that we invest so much into what every word of every text means, and that the number of minutes that has gone by determines his interest in you. Sure, it might but also, it might not. I 8767 ve never been lucky in this department of my life, and I know why. This article (and site) has allowed me to reclaim my sanity. Thank you 🙂

I know you don 8767 t mean it to be selfish, so I 8767 m putting this way of looking at the situation out there because it 8767 s useful to see things from that perspective.

I 8767 m sorry but NO ONE is that busy that they can 8767 t contact you for days. It takes less than a minute to text someone 8775 Hey how 8767 s it going? 8776 And when you see that person on Facebook and you KNOW they aren 8767 t that busy because they are posting things and commenting on photos or whatever that is freaking annoying.

I went back and reread that line and I don 8767 t like how it came across so I took it out. It came off sounding anti-feminist, which wasn 8767 t my intention or message at all.

Well theres this guy i like , and i have all my classes with him , and we are always glancing at eachother and looking into each others eyes. We dont talk alot but we do sometimes text. he doesnt really reply to my textes though. Is this a sign he doesnt like me ? or he doesnt like texting ?

Anyhow, he looked away first, then walked to catch up with his friend. He didn 8767 t even look back over at me. That felt brutal. I 8767 m disappointed I didn 8767 t get a chance to say hi or even smile.

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