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Cancer man and Scorpio woman compatibility horoscope

Date: 2018-03-06 20:45

Hello Violet, I 8767 m on the cusp of Scorp/Sag in which Scorp reads me like a T lol My boyfriend is a Taurus and though it 8767 s in it 8767 s early stages, I see us ending up like Yours 🙂 Makes a lot of sense and there is a lot of Truth to your Statement, Thanks for the Clarification.

Understanding The Scorpio Man - Win your Scorpio Man's Heart

Let go, Nikki. If he deceived her, he 8767 ll do the same to you. Don 8767 t do that to yourself. You 8767 re a cardinal sign. You 8767 re much stronger than you know.

Why do Scorpio men stare?

I totally agree. I 8767 m a Taurus and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. We are working out perfectly fine as well :8 And it 8767 s almost exactly just like what you said! I fall so hard and so fast for him it shocks me sometimes

Sun in Capricorn/ Moon in Scorpio | The Adventures of

Wow I 8767 m with a Scorpio man and I don 8767 t see all the compatibility everyone screams about. The sex is subpar, he is very guarded in expressing his feelings, and etc. We get along great as friends and I could even see us getting married but a great love affair romance I do not see. I see a loyal man who treats me like a princess and that 8767 s enough for me. Every other horoscope says we are not compatible or just barely. I think those above have made it work and are happy. But as a whole it will not be this walk in the park fairytale. It will take hard hard work and tons of patience to make a sagg woman & sagg man work. In the end it 8767 s worth it so don 8767 t give up.

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A few year ago I was married to somebody who nearly destroyed me, emotionally, sexually, physically ( I dropped to 98kg I 8767 m 5ft 65), and finacially. It has taken a few years rebuild me as a person and now I truely feel happy but single.

I want to give him everything, just don 8767 t know how to reach him, how to destroy these walls he 8767 s built around him.

If your Scorpio is under stress, help support him (if you can)
If you talk to him, and he’s having problems with his nudist-minstrel-roommate, there may be things you can do the help. You can suggest that your Scorpio have a conversation about boundaries, or you can help him find a new place. It is not, however, your job to get into a confrontation with said nudist-minstrel-roommate for your boyfriend. Have you ever heard angry, indignant lute music? Trust me, no man is worth it.

I am a taurus woman with a taurus man and currently being pursued by a SEXY TALL DARK and HANDSOME Scorpio man! I am flattered yet cautious. I have a date with him TODAY and I am anxiously awaiting it. He has called me like 75 times in 8 days. I simply DO NOT answer when I 8767 m busy but I speak very openly kind and sweet to him. I love my current man but he has NEVER completely satisfied me he is as spoiled and entitled as I am. What a conundrum! But, you only live once and my snatch is ready for some AWESOME lovemaking! I am going to be slightly coy and try to hold out sexually with this Scorpio but keep him interested at same time. AFTERALL, I AM SPECIAL AND REFUSE TO BE SEXUALLY SlAyeD THEN TOSSED ASIDE BY THIS MAN. I WILL MAKE HIS ASS FALL IN LOVE!

Venus in Scorpio love is intense, loyal, passionate, deep, focused, private, dark and obsessive. They experience extreme, consuming feelings in love. People with Venus in Scorpio love so deeply and so intensely that they have a difficult time finding a partner who 8767 s love matches their level of depth. Only another Venus in Scorpio can match their level of intensity. These lovers long for 8775 soulmate 8776 bonding, the undying union of souls like that of Romeo and Juliet, or Heloise and Abelard.

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