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Date: 2018-03-06 22:56

"I first conceived of Grindr three years ago because it was tough to meet other gay men because it was difficult to know who else was gay," he said. "It turns out I wasn't the only one with this problem, almost 8 million other men needed this too. Now everyone can try it."

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Grindr , the location-based mobile dating app hugely popular among gay men, has launched a new version for straight people.

"It's not the same as Grindr. It is similar to Grindr in that it's a community based on interests. But while that was based on one interest – being gay this is based on lots of interests," he told the Guardian. "It could end up in a date, but the main goal is meeting new people."

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Simkhai claimed that Blendr will put an end to boring lunch breaks and solitary visits to art galleries and museums. "This is about seeing who's about in the real world in real time. Whether you're on the bus, in the checkout line or having a lunch break on your own you can meet new people," he said. "If you're sitting in the park all on your own there's really nothing you can do about it – now you can do something about it with Blendr."

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Simkhai said he created Blendr after being inundated with requests from straight women who were jealous of their gay friends' ability to use Grindr to meet people nearby. But he said the new app was designed as a "friend-finding engine" rather than purely for sex and dating.

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