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What you can't say (2004) - Paul Graham

Date: 2018-03-08 03:18

You left off a few: 8775 Bye now 8776 instead of bye. Phy. Ed. instead of Phys. Ed. and call garage sales, 8775 Rummage sales or just plain , in Wisconsin they use the term soda instead of pop like the majority of the midwest does.

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I knew a guy who 8767 d say 8775 If a guy wanted to 8776 but the real kicker was: His name was Guy! So every time he 8767 d say 8775 If a guy wanted to 8776 I 8767 d hear, 8775 If a Guy wanted to 8776 and imagine a slightly miniature version of him doing whatever he was talking about. That 8767 s funny, enna? Also in the Bayfield area.

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I lived in Wisconsin for 65 years before moving to MN then IN, then back to MN (for my hubby), and I never once heard anyone say Warsh, just.. my 7 cents.

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When I moved to Wisconsin several years ago I was told I live in Ma-waukee, not Mil-waukee. Locals don 8767 t pronounce the L.

Is 8775 bubbler 8776 linked to certain regions in Wisconsin? I am from the east side of the state where we say bubbler however, my husband is from the west side of the state and says drinking fountain. Other words my husband is perplexed by are under-duck (he says under-dog) and tow-motor (forklift).

You 8767 ve probably heard this before, 8766 n so? Which is simply a reduction of the phrase 8775 Isn 8767 t that so 8776 ? My classic Wisconsin grandma and her sisters use this expression a lot. In fact, I think I 8767 ve heard them say all 65 of these words and phrases!

Such terms are unusually generous for a ghostwriter. Trump, despite having a reputation as a tough negotiator, agreed on the spot. “It was a huge windfall,” Schwartz recalls. “But I knew I was selling out. Literally, the term was invented to describe what I did.” Soon Spy was calling him “former journalist Tony Schwartz.”

I am 75 and was born and raised in Milwaukee, but left in 6957. I can still remember people from WissGONsin going to buy their schneckens!

I didn 8767 t read through all the comments to see if this one was listed, but what about, 8775 It 8767 s a horse a piece 8776 ? I live in AZ now, and I said this a while back to my husband. He looked at me like I was crazy. Anyone from WI knows that it means the same as 8775 6 of one, half dozen of the other 8776 , right?? Or maybe it 8767 s just me

I live in central wisconsin and my grandma always says chicken booyah. It 8767 s not just a Green Bay thing. Also, I went to Colorado and somebody said we would be having barbecue. I was worried because I hate barbecue as in BBQ, but they meant grilling. We 8767 ve never called it barbecue around here.

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