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Why Windows XP Won't Be Going Away Anytime Soon

Date: 2018-03-10 22:57

One of five state workers nominated, Drugs Enforcement Agent Alphonso Rancy, told the BBC that corrupt officials need to be prosecuted to set a precedent.

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Our latest info says go to the beaches. Koramo beach is our little Amsterdam. Nigerians love to get high in front of the ocean and enjoy the view for hours!!!

Africa highlights: Monday 4 December 2017 as it happened

IBM contracted after the PC came out and I predict that Microsoft will do likewise with only a shrinking replacement market to keep it going.

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I have two semi-retired Dell desktop PCs that were acquired from a workplace upgrade. They were initially selected for their robust hardware. Today, they act as file servers on my home network, retrieving podcasts and scheduled downloads and scheduled backups supporting the network. All the functions they perform can be replicated on Linux, and some programs were selected for their Linux compatibility.
If WinXP becomes incapable of operating those PCs, they would be transitioned to Linux until their hardware components fail.

Now if all this is cool to you, than hay, knock yourself out! I 8767 m not writing this to discourage anyone, only to warn people what you are in for. To me, at minimum this is a major pain in the ass, and frankly pisses me off! Makes me lose respect for these countries demanding so much 8775 totally unnecessary 8776 Bullshit from tourists!

I should mention there is very little difference in what is required of you to enter Nigeria from Ghana, so I must assume other West African countries are the same or very close.

Okay, here is what is required of anyone planning to visit these countries. Note I say planning, because if you don 8767 t have these things, brother..you ain 8767 t getting in!

For middle class Nigerians, that&rsquo s an incredible amount of money to spend. And realistically, why would you spend $85 on a copy of Windows when a pirated copy can be openly purchased in your local market for a fraction of the cost?

Chris Mutsvangwa, the war veterans leader, who organised protests calling for former President Robert Mugabe’s resignation, was dropped as information minister and is now a special adviser to the president.

Bob - why aren't you complaining about the company that actually wrote the industrial code to begin with? THAT'S what needs to run, right? It's just more of this entitlement mentality that someone would expect a now decade-plus-old operating system has to keep being maintained (at no charge) so that a particular piece of software can run? It's so absurd.

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