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IFound My Husband’s Profile On An Online Dating Site!

Date: 2017-11-15 21:57

65. With all of that said, he really loved Jesus . It encouraged me. Jobs can come and go, money can leave, looks can fade but if that man really, I mean really loves Jesus and wants to live for Him NOTHING is impossible. My spirit was so excited about every aspect of Cornelius. I was never NOT at peace with him. I wanted so many things in a man and I never thought I would meet someone with my desires. God exceeded my expectations and my husband MEASURED up. Yours will too.

66. (Bonus number) I RESPECTED HIM alot because of the above. Don 8767 t marry someone you don 8767 t respect or look up to.

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Later that week, we had lunch at a Thai restaurant and walked around my neighborhood. It was late spring, and the colors and scents all around us were heady and seductive. He spent the night. Because I was a modern woman exercising my sexual agency.

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After we got married, we started talking about adopting a baby. We registered with the Jewish Welfare Services but had no idea how long we d have to wait. A few months later, right after Michael and I d had an argument, the phone rang it was the agency.

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lovely, i was also encouraged, especially the part whereby, God exceeded your expectations.. and going on to state that He will with yours too, thank you Heather its amazing

This was an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME read, and it only FURTHER confirmed some things for me regarding the love of my life. God has truly smiled on me w this man that He put into my life, and I am grateful to know that another woman has experienced some, if not ALL, of your highlighted bullet points. There is nothing on earth like a strong, Black Man after God s own heart, and to know that love like this STILL EXISTS in these weird/awkward/wreckless dating times is a blessing. I was grateful for the blessing of my man BEFORE this read, but I certainly even more grateful for his entry into my life. To God Be The Glory!! #gratitude

7. When he said something, he would do it. Guys, you gotta keep your word. How can I believe in you if you don 8767 t believe in you or what you say?

All I can think is that he either feels entitled or is deceived. Maybe both. Maybe some Madonna-Whore complex, or maybe that misogynistic phenomenon people are starting to talk about where guys protect and have standards for those they are close to, but all other females are fair game. The, 8775 don 8767 t you dare mess with my wife/daughter/sister/mother, but it is ok to joke about raping the hot chick at the bar, or calling the distracted college girl a derrogatory name, or sharing nude photos of some barely legal snapchat.

I’m not having an affair and I don’t see it as him spying on me – I view it as him caring about my wellbeing. I know people say “what about your right to privacy” but I know he trusts me.

But, hey, it 8767 s all my fault. I just need to forgive and understand and be respectful and change my attitude because I am the crazy one.

I hope to not be intruding my giving my two cents here but I would like to briefly share the experience I had with my husband regarding this.

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