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Date: 2018-02-09 12:00

what if i still have left 95k debt in my credit card and i wasnt able to pay until now and its about 8months unpaid and now my husband is about to start a job and apply for new account same bank that i have debt with will he be declined by the bank and be questioned?

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I made a purchase of 656 CAD$ on a canadian shopping site on Feb 6st. I was charged $ by FS BUFAN W TECH FOSHANSHI CN. And no purchase. I reported to mastercard.

Stay away from: http:///catalog/product/view/id/576/s/fashion-quality-women-s-outdoor-hooded-beadnell-red/category/5/

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I just stumbled upon this awesome website as I was doing some research about old credit card debts and their impact on my credit score. Basically, we are looking to purchase a new home (after we sell ours which is currently on the market) and upon pulling my scores from each bureau they are all sitting in the 695 range. One of the loan options we are looking for requires a minimum of a 665 for approval and from what I am reading it seems the mortgage tri-merge scores may be lower than what I can personally get from the bureaus.

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I know where my Yielecy Trade charge was from.. though it was not named that. and It sat there for two weeks (website) nobody would answer me, and tried the 855# and got a woman’s clothing store.. anyway, is where I ordered a drone.. as it was hella cheap and one I had before.. but 7-8 days processing went by. then 7.. then 65. and that was not counting weekends.. nothing.. still says pending.. So I cancelled..

Hi I ordered something in November and it has never arrived also another item from PES*ETSYSHOP neither have come and then u get a charge in Dec and Jan for 99 euros each month from FACEBK*jwskcejgv7

I also have been done by FPT Green Valley, its 77. 58eur. Never heard of company but have contacted bank and the police.

I purchased an item from online ad. Shows up with the above name on my statement PES*XIAMENBLUE. Also, describes as construction materials? Anyone have experience with this name?

Hi, my card was robbed transferred to this account today $857!!!! It's redicurus!!! Scraming!!! Pls be careful.!
luckyly, i found it in 6 hour after transaction.

Narayan, I believe you can depending on the card. Keep in mind that just like credit cards, there is an extra fee when making purchases in foreign currency. AccountNow , for example, changes a % currency conversion fee when making purchase in a foreign country.

kayong mga collector ng collection agency, ang tatapang ninyo magsalita, e kung balikan kaya kayo ng harasment? kung walang maibayad ang mga tao wag kayo mangulet!!!!!!!!!!!!

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