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Date: 2018-03-11 09:51

33rd Anniversary!

SLAYER (US) - "Hell Awaits" (release date: March, 1985)

Side A
1. Hell Awaits
2. Kill Again
3. At Dawn They Sleep

Side B
1. Praise of Death
2. Necrophiliac
3. Crypts of Eternity
4. Hardening of the Arteries

Tom Araya – bass, lead vocals
Jeff Hanneman – lead and rhythm guitar
Kerry King – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Dave Lombardo – drums

Recorded by Ron Fair at Eldorado, Hollywood, and by Bill Metoyer at Track Record, Los Angeles. Mixed by Bill Metoyer at Track Record, Los Angeles. Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Studios, Hollywood.


RELEASE DATE 2018-02-28
Hazendonk FM


01. GabiM - Reset (Kostya Outta Remix)
02. Warsnare feat. Laura Lopes - Quanto Tempo (Original Mix)
03. Tim Engelhardt & BOg - Alma (Original Mix)
04. Bonaca - Pandemonium (Original Mix)
05. Phonic Scoupe - Drive On Fears (Original Mix)
06. SHOUSE feat. Martha - Text Apology (Demuja Remix)
07. Danny Howells - Earthlings X (Original Mix)
08. Renote - Fervor (Original Mix)
09. Paul Hazendonk - Treffen (Original Mix)
10. Jacob Seville - Kagyu (Original Mix)