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Date: 2018-03-12 01:08

Yeah, and point in maymay is about cheating, not some kind of open relationship.
So you can love someone even if you cheat on them (she says herself it's cheating) by not cheating on them (not dating)? 🤔
And yeah if not dating then it's not even open relationship
Wtf she is talking about


❝ Trust is the first condition of friendship❞
❝ If we are one, we are invincible!❞
Enjoying communication is the main sign of friendship.
Trust-sense of hope in a pony (human), as and in himself.
Trust is an open, positive relationship between people, containing goodwill of another person.

Доверие-чувство надежды в пони (человека), как и в себе.
Доверие-это открытые, позитивные отношения между людьми, содержащие доброжелательность другого человека.
❝Love is the desire to make a loved one happy.❞
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