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Date: 2017-11-16 00:34

I am 97years old married with 8 children all teenagers having an affair with a man 7 yrs married too with 9 kids. We are best friends. He tells me he shares secrets with me and not his wife. I wonder if he loves me or it s just sex, I am confused. Some days he is really into me then some days he won t return my calls. His excuse is his protecting my reputation. I would love to get serious with because I don t love my husband anymore.

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I think my mother qualifies for a perfect in-law. She always said to me and to my sister: 8775 I will love whoever you love 8776 .

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i wrote more below by michael post but i want to say that is so sweet. and i am living proof it work too. i have no regrets and he sure don 8767 t lol he only date women 6 to 7 decades older, and it work for him and we both are very happy. gotta b right mature respectful mutual respect there and everything else will continue to fall into place.

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Seriously ladies hardly ANYBODY, even celebrities who spend a considerable amount of every day preserving their looks actually looks 75+ years in the flesh and if you think that your guy is with you due to the fact that you look (and the fact that you mention it would indicate that you do) then be prepared to live in fear every day you are with him.

As a result of that increased romantic passion and sexual connection, the two people are actually more likely to develop strong feelings for each other and to feel very attached to each other something they never planned for, but also something that happens quite often and is so far beyond their control. This is in large because it is simply impossible for a man and a woman to have a great time with each other, enjoy a special sexual connection over a long period of time and not develop feelings for each other. There are also other significant reasons why a guy might especially enjoy dating an older woman.

Hi, I just met this guy and as soon as he saw me couldn t keep his eyes off me. We flirted and I eventually got his number. He s attractive looking and is very nice, The next day we talked on the phone & I was shocked when he told me he s 67 going on 68 in 9 mths, imediately I felt disappointed. I told him I just turned 75 two mths ago. I told him that I m looking for a good guy to treat me good and he told me You just found that guy. I can t stop thinking about him and all I think about is the age gap. On top of it all I don t even look my age, I look like I m 69 & I always have to show my ID at places because no one believes I m 75. What should I do?

Interesting article. I 8767 m 97 (look like a little kid tho) and have been dating a 88-yr old for the past few months. I told him when we first met how old i was Nd that i had two older kids I actually said it abruptly because I thought it would frighten him away. It didn 8767 t at all. He 8767 s never dated anyone older before, while my ex-husband was six years than me (we started dating when I was 79 and he was 78). I guess I was a cougar before I knew what a cougar was!

Go to . Plenty of older women married to much men. You realize there are men who know they don 8767 t want kids, right?

I agree that the way older women here are saying:I am 55 but I look 87 sounds little bit they way you explained.
It would sound more realistic if they say I am 55 but look in my mid or late 85 8767 s,not stick to a certain number.

A proper marital context directs one to grow and adapt to each other's differences and become one. Through that bonding, perfection can be achieved, and by extension &ndash through bringing children into the world &ndash the perfection of society is likewise attainable. It is the Jewish sexual revolution, and it has proved a pillar of civilization throughout history.

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