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Date: 2017-11-15 16:43

As an Asian girl. I think you really said something to the point about our Asian guys and their possesiveness. I liked it. And yes American guys are really attractive to us.

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Are we more feminine? I don 8767 t know the answer to that. I think all girls regardless of race, like pretty things and like to dress nicer and just looks good and feel good about ourselves. Of course I am not always dolling up, I like to relax and bum out. Just go out for errands with track pants and t-shirt without any makeup. I never feel my husband loves me less because I don 8767 t doll myself up.

it 8767 s flattering to hear the good perceptions about asian cultures (im black and asian, born and raised in Asia) i agree with most of your statements. I really do. And im of course proud of my ethnicities. But quite frankly, all you have said was all about stereotypes. Im still living in Asia. I have dated asian guys and caucasian guys. I just want to remind you not all asian girls are same most of them are friendly and nice but Not all is 8766 the perfect wifey / gf material 8767 and it goes same with white, black, latina women. If you dont mind me give you an advice, maybe you should do your topic and perspective in general without giving statements that may hurt the egos or feelings of the other women outside asian 🙂

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By the way, Black women are pretty like all other women. As for black men, ask white women why they love them for the attraction and more. Love is love and it just happens that white men are turned on by Asian women the same way we black men are drawn to white women. If you love yourself, you can love anyone.

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Sebastian, brilliant article and so helpful. I am a good looking guy who is healthy and pretty multi cultured in his ideas. I date people I like not based on their specific race but on if I like them or not, so have had a wide range of culturally different girlfriends over the years, depends where I worked at the time.

I 8767 m a white woman borned and raised in Eastern-Europe. The values you listed of Asian women are really important and I could tell the same values of myself too except for not having an 8775 exotic 8776 look and not aging slow, but that 8767 s something to do with genes, and it wasn 8767 t my choice where to born and what type of physical features I have.

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