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Date: 2018-03-07 16:24

Like the song Ebony and Ivory 8775 there is good and bad in everyone 8776 . So, everything is relative, we can not generalize.

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Well, not hating on anyone, it is what it is and there are so many hot men and women of all races and yes some more dominant than others, but me I 8767 m so low maintenance, not materialistic and just want a man to love me for loving them, but because I 8767 m not Asian, I 8767 m not marriage material???

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The Dating Success Of Asian Women Is Due To White Obesity

It is because of the white skin. Indians will be attracted to any race with lighten skin than their own. A lot of the racism comes from Indian men actually, statistically speaking. Do not think so highly of yourself all Indian women are beautiful.

Do you have a friend whose girlfriend sometimes makes fun of him in public? I have one and whenever I witness this behavior I am happy that I decided to date women who don’t do this.

I agree with you that respect and love are immensely important and that self-confidence makes a man attractive. I never said that only white Americans are good and I also don 8767 t complain about white girls in general. All I say is that women with traditional family values (which is true for a lot of Asians) are usually better partners, which is somehow logical if you think about it. The comments that guys make about white girls are their opinion and doesn 8767 t necessarily represent mine. I also agree with your statement that improving yourself and being who you are is an important factor. I honestly think that you have some good points and that we think alike in not all but a lot of areas. Have a nice day 😉

White women especially white women in Europe and the United States are extremely jealous of Asian women. Almost every time you see someone butthurt about a white guy with an Asian woman, it will be a white woman hiding behind the keyboard. They don 8767 t like the competition.

I had a secure income for my entire career and the people who signed my pay check didn 8767 t care who I went out with. The hell with peer pressure, they can 8767 t touch you. Who you date is your own business. I have dated some black girls, mostly white girls and some Asian girls and they were all very nice people. People are peope regardless of their skin color and I am horrifed that anyone catches grief over the choice of who they go out with.. I think it 8767 s racism.. If a guy likes a girl, asks her out and she says yes, it 8767 s between the two of them and it 8767 s no ones 8767 s business.

Are we more feminine? I don 8767 t know the answer to that. I think all girls regardless of race, like pretty things and like to dress nicer and just looks good and feel good about ourselves. Of course I am not always dolling up, I like to relax and bum out. Just go out for errands with track pants and t-shirt without any makeup. I never feel my husband loves me less because I don 8767 t doll myself up.

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