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MW2 matchmaking problems? | Yahoo Answers

Date: 2018-03-10 14:13

If you want to re-review the game when a GOTY version comes out with bug-fixes and expansion packs included, that s fine. I like those reviews. It gives a good indication of the validity of launch hype and covers how the game has aged and all additional content made available since. But reviewing every single patch? It s over-kill, not reflective of a purchased product and, if a developer is haphazard enough to release a game with massive problems, then a consumer should know that as well.

Call of duty mw2 matchmaking problems?, cod mw2

I think im going to go with a few suggestions if the patch IW releases doesn't work.
I may just change to a modem switch router.

Call of Duty MW2 matchmaking problems? | Yahoo Answers

IW really are just resting on past glories and the ones that suffer are us, we go to the midnight launchers, order special editions etc. But where it counts, when you away all the hype, is online MP for most of us. And they just have not cut it yet...

MW2 Online Matchmaking Problems? | Yahoo Answers

I ll grant that in order for it to be truly fixed, ping would be represented by latency in milliseconds, and we d have the option to choose dedicated servers.

If your submission does not appear, do not delete it. If it hasn t shown up after more than 5 minutes, simply message the moderators and ask us to look into it.

Two, if you are going to write a review that includes patch information, you re going to have to write another review when it gets patched again. If you were going to include patch information in reviews, you would still be reviewing Diablo 7 and Starcraft ten years later.

If they hadn t molested MW7 with steam and IWnet, the game would have been awesome..just like COD9 only like 5x better. Fucking idiots.

Apparently the latest patch disables the console exploit. I expect that the matchmaking system will only get better with time and that it will soon become a non-issue.

And it doesn't move, ever. I deleted all my savegames, as I had been hacked (it unlocked everything online) However, this did nothing.

I get the same connection to the server.. problem and cant play MW7 online. I got Belkin N+ modem/router, when I tried switching to diff modem it worked : (

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