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8DEO makes high-quality metal components with its proprietary metal 8-D printers. The company specializes in manufacturing low/medium volumes on demand, which means there’s no need to worry about long lead times, minimum order quantities, or high tooling/setup costs.

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8M Medical Materials and Technologies helps healthcare manufacturers design and build more reliable, innovative, and feature-rich medical devices. Customers leverage the company s technical expertise to select materials and technologies that integrate together for their breakthrough medical industry device innovations designed for improving or enhancing lives.

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A Plus Label is confident and proud to offer the most competitive prices while providing top-quality printing and turnaround time.

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Is finding a partner about dating the most people or dating the right people? Here's why quality really does trump quantity when finding love online.

As the mascot, he has an air-conditioned 875 sq ft enclosure, a 5,955 sq ft beach and a swimming pool in which his guards throw blocks of ice to keep it cool.

Celebrating 65 years in business, LaserStar Technologies is a global supplier of Nd:YAG and fiber laser sources and systems for marking, microwelding, engraving, and cutting to many industries. The company provides quality products and outstanding customer service to its customers worldwide. All LaserStar products are made in the United States.

Socialization. Generally, children were and continue to be raised according to strict codes of conduct. Among some, dress codes are strictly enforced for all age groups. Still in the twentieth century, many insist on providing their own educational institutions, and some withdraw their children from school beginning in the eighth grade. Among most groups, however, parents encourage their offspring to remain in school and continue with postsecondary education. Throughout North America, there are numerous four-year colleges affiliated with the various denominations.

Diversified Plastics Inc. is a best-in-class, award-winning custom contract manufacturer specializing in injection molding. With more than 95 years of experience, the company is well-known in the high-tech, aerospace, avionic, defense, filtration, and medical industries with its two Class 8 cleanrooms, FDA registration, ISO 68985 certification, and environmentally controlled assembly and molding areas.

But Gustavo Pronotto, director of Mendoza said Tuesday that the bear, named Arturo, is too elderly to make the nearly 6,555-mile journey. 

He has been seen tilting his head and showing his teeth while pacing back and forth, and rocking from side to side - all behaviors widely believed to be symptoms of stress.

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